PGA / USGA Rules of Golf Workshops
Registration for PGA / USGA Rules of Golf workshops has ended for the 2016 calendar year. The 2017 workshop schedule will be posted here in the late summer.
Online registration for 2017 workshops will begin on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Phone-in registration will begin on Monday, October 24 at 9:00 a.m. EDT.
Since 1975, The PGA of America and the USGA, working together to support the best interests of the game, have offered to the public a series of workshops on the Rules of Golf. This annual cooperative effort brings together a significant number of the most knowledgeable thinkers and educators on the Rules of Golf to offer a variety of workshops around the United States for anyone interested in learning more about the worldwide code that governs the playing of the game. These workshops are attended by Rules officials employed by professional golf tours, volunteers who offer their time and expertise to the USGA and state and regional golf associations to help run competitions, PGA professionals who work at golf courses across the country, amateur and professional golfers who play the game competitively, and especially average golfers who are interested in knowing more about the Rules so they can increase their enjoyment and appreciation of the game.
Workshops are held each year during the months of January, February and March. The 2017 curriculum will include three offerings:
  1. 1. Rules of Golf Workshop: a 3½-day workshop covering all 34 Rules of Golf, unabridged and in detail.
  2. 2. 85+ Rules of Golf Workshop: a 3½-day workshop covering all 34 Rules of Golf, unabridged and in detail for individuals who have demonstrated a very high level of Rules knowledge by scoring 85 or higher in the past six years on the 100-question PGA/USGA Rules of Golf exam given in conjunction with three-and-a-half-day workshops.
  3. 3. Officiating and Tournament Administration Workshop: a 3 ½-day workshop covering officiating techniques, golf course setup, golf course marking and tournament administration.
For additional resources to further your Rules of Golf knowledge, please see our Rules Education page.